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SEO Profesional Toolbar is a Firefox and Chrome extension that offers its users to view and record PageRank, MajesticSEO Backlinks and S-rank (useful only to czech users) values. These current and historical values are presented in the form of interactive graphs. This add-on is localised for both English and Czech speaking users.

SEO Profesional toolbar

Developers: Miroslav Stibůrek & Petr Blahoš

With SEO Profesional Toolbar you may:

  • Highlight keywords and view their density
  • Highlight internal, external, and nofollow links using the multi-functional sidebar
  • View page info:
    • number of words,
    • the most frequently used words on a given page
    • the number of internal and external links
    • the number of nofollow links
  • The number of indexed pages on Google or any other search engine, which you can set in the options of the Toolbar. By default it is set for and This information can be recorded and presented on a graph as well as the other values.
  • Quickly turn off the Toolbar
  • Have useful links in the main menu
  • Very easily adjust and customize your Toolbar depending on your needs:
    • Choose which ranks to display and record
    • Change the useful external links in your main menu
    • Completely erase the database of recorded sites.

Give it a go!

Mozilla Firefox 10+

Downloading from Mozilla Addons: SEO Profesionál Toolbar (Firefox), Licence

Version history: Version 1.3.1. is available for download

Version 1.3.0. currently being reviewed.

Google Chrome

Downloading from Chrome Extensions: SEO Profesionál Toolbar (Chrome)

SEO Profesionál Toolbar logo for download: White background | Dark background

User Manual

Latest News


New Backlinks provider: After Yahoo! Site Explorer ended its daily activities, we were forced to find a new partner. We found a partner that is the best in this field and delivers precise information - MajesticSEO. The unoficial version for Firefox is available to download


Firefox & Chrome: Google changed the way we check Pagerank. That's the main reason why our SEO Professional Toolbar wasn't functioning properly, and the Pagerank value didn't appear. We have noticed these changes and almost immediately released new versions for Chrome and Firefox. The Chrome update is available for download, the Firefox update is currently being reviewed. In the meantime, you may download an unreviewed version from here:

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You can follow the latest news and updates on our Twitter or Facebook page, where are you free to start new discussions in regard to our add-on, perhaps you would like to see some new functions in the Toolbar. Feel free to express your opinions or ideas.

If you wish to contact us otherwise, please send an email to
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